Thursday, 23 October 2008

My Dear Mother

On one bright day I saw you, clad in a pink saree. I recognized you as soon as I saw you, bearing tears of happiness and sorrow within your eyes. I kept watching standing from afar how tears glow in the Mother's eyes. I raised my head and looked at Mother. When our eyes met, Mother bent her head a little and smiled at me. As we've known for a long time. My little friend stepped on to the poruwa with hopes aligned for a brand new life. We all watched that small Angel with so much love. We all gathered there to give her our blessings and love.

At the same time I wanted to declare my love- to say thank you- at least a moment before the day came to an end - to the Mother who offered strength to that small Angel, to circle this Earth without fear or dependency. I was waiting to tell you that. At one moment I looked for you. But you were nowhere to be found. I felt so sad. I couldn't complete my responsibility. I told my friend. After about an hour by chance I met Mother. I called out Mother's name and asked if it isn't her. At that moment I felt an affectionate bonding. A feeling of "ours and mine." But I wasn't able to convey my feelings to Mother in that exact way. Language was an obstruction between us. But I felt that Mother was touched by the feelings I wanted to express to her.

Actually my dear Mother, my hands are too small to embrace you. Because you heart is that much bigger. You pose love, kindness, compassion as well as happiness, console and blessings. My dear Mother, in our country we are raised to bear our feelings within us. We are hardly driven towards expression. But I know that there is no achievement in hidden love. There are some things that need no expression. Mothers don't speak of their compassion. Mother's only speak of their happiness. But dear Mother, when someone else feels that you give them love, the happiness felt by that person is unbelievably great.

I think that you felt happiness Mother, when you embraced me at that moment. I still experience that happiness until the time of my death. I felt a great console when my head rested on your bosom. I also felt the sound of your cry. I also felt the joy in the tears that left you Mother. On behalf of those who are incapable of sharing joy and sorrow. Dear Mother, you cry for those who cannot cry. You give a smile to others and laugh along with them. That is the specialty I see in you.

To be honest I haven't hugged my own mother in a long time. If I try to do so she will ask me why the old are crawling on their knees. That's our culture. Dear Mother, I would like to tell you from the bottom of my heart that the hour was yours. My friend's wedding was your day. I saw six more eyes shining as bright as yours. My friend's eyes. Her mother's eyes. Your lifetime partner's eyes. My Mother your are the shining light featured in those eyes.

Dear Mother, I want to tell you, that you are the most loving Mother I've seen among many others in this world. I know that there are many boundaries for a women's love. But love for children is common to all. Dear Mother, there are no boundaries for your love. You can give love to the whole world. I know that already you love the whole world. But I want to tell you alone that I feel your love. Dear Mother, we can easily say thank you to someone for their assistance. We can even say thank you very much. But some one's love can only be amended by a similar amount of love. That love cannot be measured anywhere in anyway. That love cannot be valued.
Dear Mother, I wish to tell you, that I found out the vastness of love from you. I thank you for showing that we possess strength to defeat what destiny thrusts upon us. I thank you parents, for giving life to someone like you. Because many others learn life from you. Mother, I respect you. I love you. Because you are loveable

Note:Dedicated to a mother who has devoted herself to a child without both arms living in a completely unknown country. This is reminiscent of her love for a child. The letter was written on this child's wedding dedicated to motherhood.

The article was translat by Shashini Ruwanthi Gamageed

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